Sunday, March 30, 2008


Since we have been out here, in PA, And Beau has had his new busy schedule, we finally (a couple months ago) instituted a weekly date night. I have become dependant on Friday night to get me through the rest of the week. Anyways, for our date this past Friday, we went to a museum exhibit Beau has been wanting to see for a while called "Bodies." They displayed real preserved human bodies, (without skin) so you could see the bones, muscles, and organs. I was a little worried I'd be grossed out, but it was amazing. They even had displays where they had filled a body's arteries and veins with a red silicone material and then disolved everything else away so you could see just the circulatory system floating in water. AMAZING! There was also a display of fetuses (all had naturally died due to complications in utero). They had injected the little bodies with a dye that showed bone development so, on a fetus that was only like 12 weeks old (a little over an inch) you could see every little arm, leg, finger, and toe bone. Beau LOVED the whole thing because he got to show off to me how much he knows.

There were a few moments that I felt like I was in a horror movie and I almost expected the bodies to jump out at me a couple times, but for most of the exhibit I couldn't help but wonder how anyone could believe there was any way this could have all happened by chance, or without an intelligent creator. It was truely an awesome experience to see how amazing our bodies are and I want to tell everyone I know to see this exhibit if it comes to your city. Pictures are not allowed but we bought a souveneir book so here are a couple pics (they didn't have any of the fetuses though whick were my favorite part), and this is nothing like seeing it in person. The first is self explanatory (one of the bodies) and the second is the circulatory system I mentioned earlier (it was made up of thousands of thread-like red veins and arteries).

Monday, March 24, 2008

Easter Fun!

Thought I'd put up a few Easter pics for all of our family to be included in our Easter celebrations. Kailee enjoyed decorating her traditional Easter Bunny Cake (Beau's family did this every Easter while he ws growing up - so we've adopted it as our own family tradition). The licorice was for Kailee to make whiskers but the ended up making the bunny look a litte scary if you ask me (more like a Halloween cake). And of course we had to color our eggs. Kailee quickly put an egg in each color and then spent the next 10 minutes continuously checking one after another without even looking up, seriously, she must have checked each egg about 15 times. Ava has been teething and so sick through most of the festivities but she was able to at least enjoy going through her first easter basket. I hope you all had a wonderful Easter too!

Monday, March 17, 2008

True Love

Ok, I know I just posted today but I just had to report what just happened. Ava just woke up from a nap with a nice dirty diaper, which of course Kailee had to help me change. As I wiped her clean, Kailee noticed a bit of a diaper rash on Ava's bum, and before I could stop her, she kissed the "boo-boo." Now if thats not true sisterly love, I don't know what is.

Egg Hunt

My Mom was just out visiting this past week. We had a lot of fun and Kailee was so excited to spend time with Grandma. It's hard living so far away and Kailee is already asking for Grandma to come back. Luckily, the day after she left (which is usually the most difficult) we had a fun Easter egg hunt to help Kailee get her mind off of not having Grandma here. It rained a ton the previous day and being the wonderful mom that I am, I let Kailee wear her crocks so by the end of the 10 minute hunt, her socks were soaked and muddy. But she didn't seem to mind (especially since there was candy involved)!

Saturday, March 8, 2008

3 Minutes of Quiet Means Trouble

As I was getting breakfast ready this morning, I realized Kailee and Ava were being a little too quite. (I'm sure you know the quiet I'm talking about.) Sure enough, Kailee had undressed and "decorated" Ava. Obviously Ava had fun too, and kept quiet. I think she'd let her sister do just about anything to her!

Monday, March 3, 2008

Favorite Songs

After doing so well on her prayer, Kailee came home in a mood to perform! For your own listening pleasure, please try not to listen to my voice.

My Little Sunbeam

This Sunday, Kailee gave her first prayer in primary. She always says her own prayers at night and does a great job listing all of the things she is greatful for, but I was a little worried about her first public prayer, because in the past, whenever I would whisper to her what she should say, she would always whisper her prayers as well. So, in preparation for sunday, I tried to teach her by telling her "Mommy will whisper, but you say it loud." So then, she started yelling her prayers. At least they were now audible but I was little worried about the effect it would have on everyone's ears when we add the microphone. Of course all of my worrying was unnecessary and she chose a great time to give her first normal volume prayer. I was so proud of my little sunbeam!