Tuesday, October 28, 2008

What a Month!

The festivities have been ongoing all month long! Every weekend we have had some Halloween event to take the kids to, trick-or-treating at the zoo, at Idlewild, the Primary Halloween party, etc...However, I think the constant trick-or-treating is what finally motivated Ava to start walking a few weeks ago. She likes chocolate as much as her mom!

First School Picture!

Isn't my little preschooler cute!? I can't believe how quickly they grow up. Only one complaint....couldn't the picture mom have tamed that run-away bow?

My New Pet Peeve

Ok fortunately I can blog about this since none of the wonderful people that read my blog are guilty.......

Why is it that 90% of the people I tell that I am having another girl act sorry for me!? Even complete stranges respond with "Awww....were you trying for a boy?" No! I was trying for another baby! I'm thrilled I'm having another girl. They have obviously not met my other two daughters because they are the best children in the world and I feel fortunate to be blessed enough to have another one (although I'm sure every mother feels the same way). I've even been told that since we are living our lives right, we will eventually be blessed with a boy! Like a girl is not a blessing!? AAArrrgggg!! So, FYI we are both thrilled to be having another daughter and if we decide to have another baby in the future it is not because we are trying for a boy but because we would like to add another wonderful spirit to our family! Ok, I feel better.

Friday, October 17, 2008

Finally walking!! (mostly)

Finally! After 2 months of deciding, Ava is walking about 70% of the time now! When Kailee took her first step, it was only 3 days before she abandoned crawling. Not Ava! We knew she could do it because she would when she wanted to but if we tried to get her to practice she would stubbornly sit down or just go all noodle-legged. She even spent about a month only walking when she thought we weren't looking. We went to our amusement park the other day which will only allow kids on the rides if they can walk. (we had been hoping all summer Ava would walk so she could go on with Kailee since thy would both have so much moe fun). Anyways, this time she finally walked up to each ride so they let her on and she had a blast. Ever since, she has apparently seen the benefit to walking and has increased her efforts! Stubborn thing! She must get that from Beau ;)

Half-Way Point!

We officially reached our half-way point of Beau's 27 month program! Only 13 1/12 more months or going into debt until we can start climbing out! But who's counting? It has already gone by so quickly, I'm sure a new baby will make the rest of the time fly. I'm starting to like it here a little better too. There's still no way we're staying unless we find a job that offers an insane amount of money, but it's atleast getting more tolerable. 4 more LDS families just moved onto our street and 3 of them have kids Kailee's age. They all play outside together and I can feel like I have a little mini Utah neighborhood. We even got an awesome babysitter that lives 2 doors away! Just to make our debt total a little more impressive, we bought a HondaPilot last month (actually because we found we couldn't fit 3 carseats in the back of our accord). It's 4WD so I may not even get stuck on the snowy hills this winter! Things are looking pretty good! Now all we need to do is figure out were we'll be for the next 5 or so years!

Friday, October 10, 2008

Movie of the Year!

Ok so, I know I'm a dork but YAY! Here's the latest Twilight trailer that they are going to start showing in the theatre. It's about time! I swear I haven't even been on the website for the past month or so... I just got lucky when I checked today and found it. And I guess they are just assuming everyone's read the book and knows the whole story cuz they dont leave much out of the preview. Looks pretty good though I'm sure I'll be sitting in the theatre with a hundred or so swooning teenage girls! I may not notice though cuz I'll probably be just as bad! Haha

And speaking of favorites.... I know most of my friends' kids are older than mine but some of the younger ones may like this phonics website.

It is Kailee's favorite activity now. She learned to use the compute mouse her first day of playing so now she wants to get on the computer almost every day. I can't complain though cuz she's already learned most of the letters.