Friday, February 22, 2008

My New Goal!

Ok, so the only reason I'm posting this is so that I will be too embarassed to give up. I decided I should start doing some form of exercise since I haven't done much since before I was married. My neighbor here in PA, Brittney, ispretty into running so I let her talk me into running with her. We've been to the gym a few times in the past couple weeks and it took me a couple times to work up to it but I finally ran a 10 minute mile last night. (yes, i'm that out of shape) Anyways, which I will keep you updated on, is to run a 10K. Probably not for a while obviously, especially if I get pregnant anytime soon. Yes, that is a probability. Beau is really busy but he still has his priorities in a pretty good order. Anyways, I'm shooting for next spring since a friend said she would come run it with me if I make it. (Don't think that gets you out of coming to visit this spring though!) So there ya go, now I have to do it! Or you will all know I am a big QUITTER!

P.S. I have already begun to lose a little bit of weight and now can truely understand the phrase "rocks in socks".

Friday, February 15, 2008

First Haircut! (Finally)

Yes, I know I should have done this like a year ago. Kailee has been needing a trim for a while but I was sure she would never sit long enough for me, or anyone else for that matter, to do it. (Yes, I did it. We're poor.) Anyways, she lit up when we told her she had pretty new hair. If only I could take a compliment that easily. I'm sure its not that great of a haircut (sorry if it hurts you to look at, Burke) but I think it atleast looks better than it did before I cut it, and thats something right?

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Snow Day!

Our local library has storytime every Tuesday, which Kailee loves! They were discontinued for the holidays and yesterday was supposed to be the first one in two months. They were going to have a Valentine's party. Poor Kailee had been looking forward to it since Saturday when we put together all of her valentines. But, when we looked out the window I wondered if we would make it up the hill to get out of our complex. I was trying to decide whether to risk getting stuck and I called the library and they had canceled the party anyways (decision made).
Kailee was obviously disappointed so we had some friends over, well, over from the other side of the driveway (who were also planning on storytime), and made it a fun snow day instead. All in all, it turned out even better than the library!

Monday, February 4, 2008

Beau vs. Edward

Okay, so I got someone else hooked on “Twilight.” My best friend from high school, Diana, who just got married in November, is just as smitten with Edward as the rest of us. Her poor husband is feeling a little jealous just like mine did so I thought I’d publish this little list I’ve been composing. I know it appears I have a little too much time on my hands.

Top Ten Reasons Why My Husband is Better Than Edward Cullen

10. He’s not pale white (ok so he’s not exactly tan either, but he could be if he wanted to)
9. He doesn’t have gray circles under his eyes (at least when he’s not in school)
8. He can appreciate my good cooking.
7. He never thinks I stink after hanging out with my friends.
6. I can warm my feet on him at night.
5. He doesn’t have to be careful when kissing me (no razor sharp teeth, or venom)
4. He can give me children, and be a wonderful daddy!
3. I don’t THINK he’s ever thought about killing me.
2. He doesn’t have to turn me into a vampire for me to be able to spend eternity with him.

"Poor Daddy"

Beau got ready this morning, gave us all kisses and hugs goodbye, and then left for school. As soon as he was out the door, Kailee looked at me all sad and said

"Poor Daddy. Daddy's sad. Daddy misses Kailee. Daddy go to school, then come home and see Kailee, and Daddy be all better."

I'm so thankful Kailee has such a wonderful daddy that she loves so much.

Saturday, February 2, 2008


I finally got all my pictures developed from our Christmas visit to Utah. Kailee had so much fun with her cousins. They are such awesome cousins and just love Kailee and Ava to death (sometimes almost literally). We definately miss being close enough to see them more often. I'm just so glad Kailee is old enough to remember them while we are gone. She still prays for "Harley, Rieker, and Indy" almost every night.

Friday, February 1, 2008


Just a little recap on the past few monts for our family for all of you who I have been out of touch with. We moved in August to Pennsylvania (or "Penny" as nerdy pilots apparently call it). Beau was accepted into a Nurse Anesthesia masters program out here which will last another 2 years. We are 1/5 of the way done but who's counting.
We were sad to move so far away from family and our wonderful friends in Eagle Mountain, UT, but hopefully it will be worth the sacrifice. Pennsylvania has pretty leaves in the fall, and that's about it (unless you're obsessed with the steelers like 98% of the population here).
We are in a townhome in Greensburg, about 25 miles south of Pittsburgh. There are some fun things to do in Pittsburgh. We have memberships to the zoo and childrens museum, and there's good shopping (which would be cool if we weren't living on student loans). However, because the roads are so screwey here, it takes about an hour to get there.
Being as spoiled as I am, I also miss our little house in Eagle Mountian, and things such as an ice maker, a yard, a garage big enough to open your car doors, ect. But enough complaining for one day! Just know that we wish we were back home!

First timer!

Ok so this is my first blog ever. I've been feeling guilty ever since my friend Ashley told me that my blog page was all she wanted from me for Christmas. So being the great friend that I am, two months later, here it is! So if my page looks a lot like Ashley's, you know why. I figured it will also be a good way too keep family updated while we are here in PA.
I'm not as great as a writer as you all with your cute blog sites, so don't expect much but I'll try to keep it updated! Since I finished reading the Twilight series for the third time and pretty much have them memorized (thanks alot Ashley and Celeste) I thouhgt I better find something to fill my free time. Since I'm not big on cleaning house, I'll use Kailee and Ava's nap times for more constructive activities like blogging (until I get another book to be addicted to - any suggestions?)