Monday, June 16, 2008

Ode to Toby

Any of my or Beau’s friends probably recognize our little 1990 civic “Toby.” Yeah, that’s right, we name our cars. Anyways, this was the first new car my mom bought after she divorced my dad and it has been part of the family since then. I have had this car since I turned 16. When Beau was deployed with the military, we sold his truck and just kept this car as our family vehicle. After the year in Colorado, we bought our accord and Beau started driving Toby. He’s had minor problems here and there but over-all he has been a great car! I just realized I’m calling my car “he” and not “it” and maybe that explains why I’m so sad that we had to finally replace him last Thursday! Beau hit a deer on his way to clinicals and the radiator burst. We figured it would be more money that the car was worth to get it fixed and Beau’s been going without air conditioning for a bout 3 years, which I haven’t been thrilled about. It gets so hot and humid here and his clinicals are usually at least an hour away so while i feel sorry for the deer and my poor Toby, I’m glad Beau will now have a nice comfortable and reliable car for his commutes. I just need to remember that Toby is just a car and has no feelings. I felt horrible as we just abandoned him in the hospital parking lot and called the tow truck to come and pick him up. Poor Toby!

Busy Summer Already!

I know it’s been a while since I’ve updated my blog. It’s getting to be a busy summer. My Mom was out for a week, which was awesome! Kailee misses her grandmas and grandpas so much out here it’s nice she comes to visit so often! It has also been getting very hot and humid here so we have had a lot of swimming days. And this past week had been crazy with buying a new car and all. So I will now try to get back to my regular blogging. I updated my recipe too!