Thursday, March 5, 2009

More Hadlie

I'm still not back to blogging regularly, but here are some more pics for the grandparents and anyone else who cares. I realize Ava wasn't very well represented in the last set of pics and thats because she wouldnt go anywhere near Hadlie for a little while. We think she was a little scared (weird, I know). Anyways, she finally wanted to hold her for the first time today. And Kailee is still obsessed with her new little sister.

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Here She Is!

Well, we were trying to hold out for my due date on the 11th so my mom could be here but Ms. Hadlie had other plans. Instead we got to wake up friends at 1 am and pawn off our girls for the next two days! Thank goodness for such good friends! Anyways, Hadlie Elizabeth Daniel was born at 7:30am on Feb. 5. She is PERFECT! It's so amazing to have a third little girl that I know I will love as completely as my other two wonderful daughters. How could one mom be so lucky!?

Kailee was so excited to hold her new baby sister!

We just brought her home yesterday, and my mom is here now, so we're all just loving having Hadlie here. Can you tell if Kailee likes her at all? She would hold her like this all day if I let her!

Catch Up

Before I get to the big news, I thought I better go in order and catch up on all the other things I wanted to post. This blog has turned more into a photo album since I don’t get much time anymore to sit and type. But I figure it will at least keep family and friends in the loop. And let’s be honest, I never really wrote anything very interesting anyways.

A New Addition to our Family

Kailee got a pet rat for her birthday in December! Yes, a rat. I had one as a pet growing up and they are a surprisingly good pet! They are smart and clean, and love to be with people. We’ve always wanted a dog, but can’t have one in our townhome here, and the goldfish just weren’t cuttin’ it. Kailee named her Beevie. (No idea where that came from). Anyways, Beau and I are enjoying here just as much as the girls. We can just let her run free for an hour each day because she only poops in her cage and constantly returns to “cuddle” us while she is exploring. So if anyone wants a good easy, small pet…..get a rat!

Outdoor Fun

We’ve had a lot of snow here lately. But its just the pretty powder that melts a few days later so we’ve been able to still enjoy being outdoors some days.
Kailee and Ava got a Power wheels for Christmas (one of the nurses Beau works with just gave it to us because her daughter outgrew it). They’ve been having fun driving up and down our street. I love how much they love to play with each other too!
They also got a sled from Santa so we had a lot of fun testing that out on one of our snow days!

Steelers Pride!

It was fun to be here in Pittsburgh for the Superbowl this year. People here were already crazy when it came to the Steelers. Anywhere you go (even when its not football season), people are decked out in Steelers garb, have their cars decorated, and they even officially postpone Halloween if it falls on the night of a Steelers game. So of course it was exciting to be here to witness them going to the Superbowl. We had fun with friends at their superbowl party and tried to look a little like real Pittsburgians (is that what you call people from Pittsburgh – I dunno), even if were secretly rooting for the western team who had never made it to the superbowl (shhh..). I guess we’re happy with the outcome though. It was a good game, and it would have been scary here if the Steelers would have lost!