Sunday, February 8, 2009

Here She Is!

Well, we were trying to hold out for my due date on the 11th so my mom could be here but Ms. Hadlie had other plans. Instead we got to wake up friends at 1 am and pawn off our girls for the next two days! Thank goodness for such good friends! Anyways, Hadlie Elizabeth Daniel was born at 7:30am on Feb. 5. She is PERFECT! It's so amazing to have a third little girl that I know I will love as completely as my other two wonderful daughters. How could one mom be so lucky!?

Kailee was so excited to hold her new baby sister!

We just brought her home yesterday, and my mom is here now, so we're all just loving having Hadlie here. Can you tell if Kailee likes her at all? She would hold her like this all day if I let her!


Rheanna said...

Congratulations!!! I LOVE her name and she's absolutely gorgeous! We're thrilled for your new addition...Hadlie-not the rat-Hyrum and Payton that it was gross-thank goodness, now I don't have to worry about them wanting one :o)

HalnJess said...

Yay! Congrats! She is beautiful and we love the name, too! I love how cute the girls are with her...too precious. Hope you're hanging in there this week!!!

Ashley said...

She is BEAUTIFUL!!! Of course, right? I can't wait to see her in person!
Your hair is SO long, very pretty!
And for Beevie, you already know how I feel about her - no crazy tricks with her while I am visiting or you will get to sample rat stew for the first time.
I know, I am mean - SORRY!!!
You still love me, right?

Catey said...

Congratulations! And your little Hadlie shares her bday with Hunt's new baby! How fun! Although now I'm wondering why no one in the neighborhood here told me......

She is beautiful-just like your other little princesses!

Mark2 said...

Congrats, Jackie! She's beautiful.