Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Christmas with Kailee and Ava

I thought I'd try and capture a little of our winter/Christmas celebrations for the grandparents and family out there who we won't be able to be with for the Holidays. We love you all and can't wait till next year when Beau will be done with school and we can see you much more often!

Our First Snow lasted a couple days but we got in some good fun. Poor Beau had to try and make a snowman for Kailee with very un-packable powder and Ava enjoyed her first winter being able to play in the snow.
We also enjoyed making our traditional Christmas Cookies! Kailee and Ava are always ready to help mommy in the kitchen. They love to eat all of the yummy ingredients like chocolate chips, nuts, and cookie dough. Ava even samples the cinnamon and baking powder. I never know quite how much of the ingredients they've stolen out of the bowl though so it's always a miracle when the cookies turn out ok.
Finally, we decorated our Tree. Once the girls had about 3 ornaments on every low branch, Daddy had to lift them up to finish off the top of the tree. They did a great job!

I hope you all have as wonderful of a Christmas as we are already having! We love you all and I will try to get Christmas morning pics up asap too!